Do you really know?

In his first four months in office, here’s how George W. Bush dealt with the rest of the world:

* He reneged on our agreement with the European Community to cut our carbon dioxide emissions.
* He started a new Cold War, this time with China, over an American spy plane that knocked one of their planes out of the sky, killing the pilot.
* He allowed the peace process in the Middle East to crumble, resulting in some of the worst slaughter we’ve ever seen between Israelis and Palestinians.
* He started a new Cold War with Russia by actively preparing to violate the antiballistic missile (ABM) treaties of the 1970s.
* He threatened to unilaterally reduce US presence in the former Yugoslavia, resulting in renewed violence between the ethnic groups in the region.
* He defied UN human rights agreements, resulting in the United Nations removing the United States from its Human Rights Commission.
* He bombed civilians in Iraq, just like his Daddy did.
* He stepped up the drug war in South America, resulting in the United States helping the Colombians to shoot down a plane full of American missionaries, killing a Michigan mother and her child.
* He cut off any hope of reducing tensions with North Korea, guaranteeing not only that mass starvation there will continue but that its leader, film-nut Kim Jong Il, will never return his overdue videos to Blockbuster.
* He turned basically every country in the world against us by stating he was going to go ahead and build the nutty “Star Wars” missile defense system.

All this was accomplished in less than 120 short days-and that’s just in between bouts of knocking the wind out of our domestic policy, as we’ve already seen. Those of us who thought Junior was an underachiever have certainly been impressed by his get up and goad.

Source: Stupid White Men, Michael Moore


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